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Originally Posted by Jorah View Post
I thought she seemed a lot like Barry when I first saw her (actually, I mistook the thumbnail of her as Barry, and was excited to see him...then disappointed when I realised it wasn't). It's much weirder that Bel even has a similar personality to him. I wonder if it was intentional. :S Did they like Barry that much? :S
I know how you feel. I felt the same way too when I at first thought it was Barry. Hopefully we'll see Barry in BW so that he can meet Bel. I would love to see Satoshi reaction when Barry tells them that they are related if he shows(If they are related that is) We all love Barry that much! Ok maybe some of us.

I *love* Barry in this pic XD

-saves image- I found one image of Barry looking like Palmer when he was older. I can't get it right now since I'm using the school laptop and the site I found is blocked so that wouldn't help at all but that's a nice pic. I swear sometimes I think his hair look like cat ears >.>.