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Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post

Suprisingly, I never really noticed it before, but wow. They do look a lot a like.

I love that image, I just saved it. Lucas looks kawaii too. :3

Also, although I like the idea of Bel and Barry being siblings, I don't think matching personalities could count as a biological match. xD
Lucas is adorable. Although the personality might not count but the way they look might count.

Originally Posted by Jorah View Post
I feel like hoping Barry and Bel will be brother and sister in the anime will only bring as much disappointment as Brandon being Paul's father D:
Oh yeah I remember that thing about Brandon being Paul's father. It would have actually be pretty interesting if he was. Hopefully they'll put Barry in BW so that we can figure out the truth or maybe have Palmer come in and say something about it.

Don't worry, I feel that way, too 8D Barry has to be one of my favourite characters in the anime, and Paul x Barry has to just about be my favourite ship. That he never got his moment to crash into Paul makes me sad. I thought the whole thing with Barry fanboying Paul was just setting up the moment when they have their first encounter; Barry would go crashing into Paul making Paul go crazy and hate him instantly. It would've been hilarious. I'm disappointed.
I was hopping for Barry and Paul to have a nice long battle but Barry got knocked pretty easily which got me and my mother disappointed. Paul was being cheap there. Barry fanboying over Paul did make me laugh a bit. I think he was making Ash jealous.

Oh wow, I wanna see that pic XD
Hopefully I can some how sneak on there and try to find that pic or maybe get away to trick the block site thing. I was able to get on the chatbox on another site when it's blocked. It works sometimes but other times it doesn't.

Oooh, I do actually have fanart of Jun and Bel together. They really do look like brother and sister o.O

I found so many pic of these two. I swear I think they are brothers and sisters.