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    I couldn't stop watching Season one of Korra. That flipped my mind O_O it was so thrilling like those roller coasters that go up and down >~<' I loved how Korra's power was taken away, that added so much drama in the show & how she saw Aang and how he gave her bending back, I was like "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaht!"

    I also loved two more things. How Naga was beating the pudding out of the Anti-Benders or however you call them & how Asami was kicking her father's Secret Word. C:

    I would have pulled his pants down and smacked him with my Boldore "Me: Boldore use Smack Down"! But one thing shocked me, & that is when the two Blood Benders (Forgot their name :C) got the glove and exploded the boat with them! I never thought there would be suicide in any of the Last Airbender shows! That's all C: