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Originally Posted by Demon. View Post
Misprint Blaine's Charizard.
1st Edition or non-1st edition?

Originally Posted by gavynray123 View Post
B/W Mewtwo holofoil EX
Original Pocket Monsters Totodile, I think it's a johto card, cause it has the old design and the totodile is illustrated by Ken sugimori, and it uses his old style of illustrating.
About 20 #9 Mews as in kanto promos
about 15 #8 Mews
Please provide more details, such as any set symbols and copyright years for all four. I think I know which ones they are, but I need this information to confirm it (and, in Mewtwo EX's case, there are 3 different versions of the card that were printed, so for that, I'll also need to know what the picture looks like).
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