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@Red - It's plenty good enough! :p Jun is accepted!

dfgngdkklgd will change after work x_x

@chuckles - Did you perhaps rush your SU? I see some grammar issues such as run-on sentences which you can easily fix by just putting a period where one idea ends. Your first sentence in the appearance section is a pretty good example of that. I'd appreciate if you'd go back and look over your entire SU and work on the run-ons; it would really help your sentences to sound more fluid and smooth. :)
Also I'd like you to expand on Tai's personality. Two lines is just not enough to explain a person's personality! The average teenager is so bleh, teenagers have such a wide variety of personalities! What are his tendencies? Does he have a mouth or is he polite and often quiet? Is he forgetful or does absorb knowledge like a sponge? Or maybe just expand on the traits you've already listed. What makes him so easy going and what does he consider a time of seriousness to be?

@MD - so you've gone back to Phanpy I see? :D Anyways, Hugo is accepted!

will edit in cheerful pokemon sprite and moveset later, has to gooo
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