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    Name: Christopher Hartland

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Christopher is your average teenage male. He stands at about 6' 5'' tall, weighs just under 200 lbs. He has dirty blonde hair that gets somewhat shaggy, but uses his pure black Irish walking hat to keep it out of his face. His eyes are an iceburg blue, about the same as the Atlantic ocean. From a distance, people could confuse him with an Olympic athlete. He has an athletic tone to his musculature. Which, while not necessarily as menacing as say, a biker, he still appears to quite in shape.


    He wears a duster overcoat similar to the image above, except instead of the green you see, it is dark blue. When he's not in the middle of the winter months, his gloves are typically dark red fingerless gloves, of which a Charizard is emblazoned on the back of his right hand's glove. When he is in the middle of the winter months, his attire practically remains the same. Except he now wears a brick red scarf around his neck, and his gloves are now pitch black.

    History/Backstory: Chris was born and raised in Blackthorn City, and is a late bloomer when it comes to Pokemon training. Before even training school began for him, he worked with his Mother in the Dragon's Den. Making sure the Pokemon inside were safe and secure, even if they were wild. They didn't become necessarily tame at the presence of Chris and his mother, but much more acclimated to their frequent visits. Life in Blackthorn was a little tough, mostly because of the lack of trainers in the town caused a change in it's economy. This made many people resort to farm work by the mountains. Obviously his mother, who acted as both a Pokemon Analyst and breeder, she also knew how to keep a farm maintained. This made the other kids very bitter, as their parents, who were much more 'civilized' to do farming, pushed it on their kids. This would eventually leading to massive bullying phases in their lives, which would effect Chris, who was the only kid in Blackthorn that could get a grasp on it. When he played, if anytime, it was with his mother's Furret. She couldn't battle very well, but she made a heck of a pet, and a good friend to Chris.

    Past these events, he didn't really have much of a childhood, as the children of Blackthorn usually got into some bad situations, and he didn't want any of it.

    As school went on, this became evident in Chris' school, as the kids became more and more defiant towards their teachers, one kid so much as cracking a wooden baseball bat over the back of their 'Pokemon Typing's' teacher. Ever since things changed in the Johto region, with the interest in Pokemon training making such a dramatic decline, many of his fellow class-mates dropped out of the school to pursue other careers, somewhat to the relief of Chris, and the 'Pokemon Typing's' teacher. This caused his school to lengthen his curriculum, post-poning his Trainer's License by a few years. Despite this drastic change, Chris remained persistent, and was given an invitation by non other than the ex-Pokemon Professor Elm. This is where his adventure truly begins.

    Personality: Chris is unlike most teenagers from Dragonthorn City. Where they are brash, bold, and more frequently hanging with the wrong crowd, Chris is a much more humble guy. He's a bit of a smart aleck, and if you present him the opportunity, he will not miss his chance to get you too. He believes in strong relationships with people, and typically believes that respect can go a long ways, even to those that shouldn't deserve any. He tries to be a friendly, helpful guy. But do not be mistaken. He has a wicked temper, especially when he witnesses the mistreatment of Pokemon or his good friends.

    He has some unusual quirks, he has the tendency to randomly imitate Pokemon noises, more or less likely a side effect of spending more time with Pokemon as a kid than other kids. Typically bird chirping whistles, he can also imitate other Pokemon, such as Dratini, Donphan, or other native Pokemon to his hometown. He also has the tendency to overthink things, and thus makes decision making a difficult thing for him. He has to measure the benefits versus the consequences, he has to double check. By the time he finishes making a decision, it could easily be closing time at the Pokemart. He's also very big on revenge. He firmly believes in 'an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth'. When he fights, he fights to win. But only within the limitations of his Pokemon. If they grow too tired, he'll swap them out with another to preserve their energy.


    Lvl 5
    Tackle | Leer | Flame Burst

    Name: Cinder the Female Cyndaquil

    Personality: Cinder is a tad bit moody. She's very hard of trusting, making her the exact polar opposite of Christopher. She is a loyal Cyndaquil, when she does eventually learn to trust. Highly competitive, Cinder will most likely ignore her Trainer's commands in an attempt to show she doesn't need anyone telling her what to do. This will get her into more trouble than Chris would like to. Known to have been extremely vicious around Elm's Chikorita, causing unspeakable problems to both parties.
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