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Originally Posted by AWsquared View Post
Speaking of yesterday's episode:

It ended rather interesting. I was really hoping Finn and FP would get back together but at least he was more understanding and accepting of her choice to be left alone. He's getting closer but for now they're remaining just friends as long as Finn's honest. It would be nice if through Finn being honest he can win her back, so we'll see what happens to their friendship after this. It looks like they're done with all the romantic stuff for a while so that will satisfy some of the fans who are tired of the relationships and love.

From what I'm hearing the next episode's called "Time Sandwich" and it's focused on Magic Man and Finn and Jake going back in time to stop his shenanigans. If that's not actiony enough then I'm not sure what will satisfy some fans.
In my opinion, Finn doesn't really need to be in a relationship. He should be fine as is with being an adventurer and having a pal (Jake) to live with.

I'm also very happy for Flame Princess, even though she overthrew her father. I mean, her father was evil, and she didn't want to be evil. And while Bubblegum may seem "evil" for being the one to help FP get locked up as a child, she did it for good reasons, because FP was a young girl when she was set loose from the fire kingdom with unstable powers. At least she forgave Finn, and that the two can remain friends, but I understand why FP can't date Finn, and it's for the same reason PB won't date him: both PB and FP have to run their kingdoms.

And knowing Cinnamon Bun, I couldn't believe Bubblegum left him in charge when Finn and Jake needed her. She should have learnt from "From Bad to Worse" that Cinnamon Bun isn't the brightest citizen, and that he couldn't be trusted.
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