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    Making it prettier later.

    Valeria Kylsey

    Date of Birth: October 3rd, 2013 (16)

    Grade and Class: 10 B

    Tell Me About Yourself: To an outsider Valeria seems like a model student. Kind, attentive, gets good grades, drums for the school jazz band, only flaw is she seems a bit quiet. Truth be told she is a firecracker of energy just waiting to go off. Nothing she does is half-assed, she is ready to throw herself into a particular task 100% at any given moment. People who pull her into a topic she's interested in suddenly find the quiet, studious girl is now speaking a million words a minute and has no sign of letting up. Her philosophy is simple, it should be larger, louder, faster, and generally more chaotic, no matter what it is. Because of this she often feels frustrated by the urge to engage in good old fashioned teenage rebellion, but lacks any reason or purpose to do so whatsoever. Despite this desire, she does know when to hold back and engage in calmer topics, even if she does get carried away from time to time.

    Most of the predicaments she ends up with are her own doing, spurred on by energy, desire, and half-baked ideas. While promises to her parents keep her from acting out the dumber desires in school, she has gotten in trouble for bad habits of urban exploration, improvised drum concerts downtown, and reckless bike racing (even against herself, and of course she wonders why her parents fear her driving).

    She is brash in her decisions, and stubbornly stick to her own opinion. While her heart is often in the right place, her fervor is more often off putting than not.

    How can I identify you: Pale, freckled, and smaller in statue, it is easy to see her as meeker than she actually is. Her glasses don't help to dissuade this appearance either. Her hair is dark, but dyed red towards her face, being one of the few methods of self-expression allowed by the school and monetary restrictions preventing her from piercing and tattoos. Out of school is also a fan of band shirts of all kinds of genre and plain jeans, preferring them over most other styles.

    What is your history: Valeria's grandfather managed to sneak his way across the Iron Curtain in his 20's with his pregnant wife in 1975, landing in America just in time for the birth of their son. Working in construction for many years, Grandpa Jozef had finally pinched enough pennies to open his own construction company with his son Artur. Once the business began flourishing it opened the door for Artur to finally go off the college and study to make the family business succeed. Eventually he married a girl he met there and had their first child, Justin (legally Justyn).

    Kylsey and Son continued to expand and boom under Artur's guidance, while he began to raise Justin as his successor. A sudden surprise arrived when Justin was 9, as he gained a new sister, Valeria. The next few years were fine, until Justin became a teenager and began to act out against his parents. No matter how strict they became, they could not reel him in, and Valeria grew up seeing her father all but resent his son for all the problems he caused. Things came to a head when Justin ran away as soon as he came of age, leaving to fulfill his dream of leading a band. Her father wrote his son off as a failure, and swore his daughter would not also be a failure.

    Valeria was raised with more leniency than her brother, but in a way the expectations on her were higher. She proved to be a hard working kid from a young age, much to the relief of her father. However, the same seed of rebellion emerged in her teenage years, and Valeria began to seek out her estranged brother. Her brother nurtured her rebellious side, but urged her not to cut all ties like he had. Now Valeria lies caught between doing the smart thing and following her parents, or going with her desires to break free and live.

    Who is your most precious person?: My Older Brother.

    Is it better to have had something and had it taken away or not to have had it at all?
    The pain of what was once had is much worse than never knowing.

    I swear that the past is unchangeable and I will do all in my power to remember:
    x_Valeria Kylsey___.



    Hanged Man
    The Kind Thief of the Sun's Flames (Choctaw)

    Persona description: A woman with bronze skin wearing a shawl that extends into a web-like pattern. The shawl holds itself up, floating ethereally. Her eyes flicker like a burning flame. She holds a Dream-catcher in one hand and a small flame in the other.

    Persona Types: Fire and Psi

    Anchor to the Past: During a particularly tough Finals season, Valeria starting to come apart at the seams under the pressure to succeed. Her brother, seeing her frayed mental state, got in contact with his friend who ran a business picking up and recycling junk. Together the two had an entire afternoon of breaking the various electronics, furniture, and other scrap in increasingly creative ways.

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