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/Small update time/

Sorry for being away from this thread for the past few weeks, I have been busy with some new projects for Origin, the good news is since I'm at a point in the projects where I feel they will be complete definitely, I'll update this post with some progress. Sorry but I can't post screenies because I'm not on my computer.

3D Engine:

- I have recently received the MGCCubesv2-0 (and soon v2-2) source code from King Kadelfek, which is the source code of the DLL my 3D engine uses. So now I can fix all the errors I already see within the engine plus I can (and will) make all the general 3D objects like slopes and spheres for example. (MGCaladtogel only made cubes, 3d rectangles, and 3d cylinders) So in a way I am actually finishing MGC's DLL.

Encryption :

- I am working on a better encryption for Origin so it'll be able to load faster without eating up everyone's RAM.


So yeah // you can see this was really a barren update, but I thought some of you may like to be updated on the status.

Catch you guys later :)
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