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@> Everyone:

For the past two weeks I have been developing something truly awesome, something to outdo the 3D engine I had shown in the demo last time, and I think this will. I have created a 3D rendering engine that loads 3DS models in the realtime. The reason I think this outdoes my other engine is that I have far better processing power with this engine and it is done realtime, not loaded once and forgotten. It supports *.3DS models completely and (almost) 3DS Max files.

The 3DS project has gone a long way for me so I thought I'd show it:
(Spoilered because they're quite large pictures)

3DS MAX File (Working on texture support - You can see a little bit of the textures though)


3DS File (Full Support)


The reason I used bigger screenshots this time was to show it is actually in the RGSS Window. This 3DS renderer is fully compatible with RMXP (ie gameplay can occur while showing the models) and also fully controllable too with RGSS :D

I hope to get the 3DS MAX textures 100% (if not close to that) done tonight so I will update if it gets done.

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