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Originally Posted by Ryoutarou View Post
I would think so. Moffat did make the claim that the series was going to be in production longer than ever and that they were specifically pushing the show back so it could air on autumn and winter nights where the episode airs when it's dark out and that...kind of happened. The longer production bit could just mean that season 7 has a longer production period because of the weird way the episodes are spread out, but I kind of think he would be a bit more clear on the matter if that was the case. I mean, half the fandom could be jumping to conclusions, but it just seems like something that would be addressed if that was the case.
Doesn't "in production" just mean it'll take longer than ever before to film/add in after-affects? I'm not used to media terminology but that definitely sounds like a roundabout way of hyping people without actually delivering any "more" content, just the same amount as they're used to. :P

And I don't think Moffat's ever been too concerned with squashing rumours like that.
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