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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
Doesn't "in production" just mean it'll take longer than ever before to film/add in after-affects? I'm not used to media terminology but that definitely sounds like a roundabout way of hyping people without actually delivering any "more" content, just the same amount as they're used to. :P

And I don't think Moffat's ever been too concerned with squashing rumours like that.
That's pretty much what I've figured after it became clear that this year we were actually going to get fewer episodes than we've had in a very long time. It's just...I dunno. You sort of expect something a little bigger for the anniversary. I mean, yeah, there's all the miscellaneous stuff released, but the TV show is the big big draw. S'why I'm hoping the anniversary special actually manages to bring together some old doctors. I don't think anything has been announced regarding that special other than its existence. (with all the usual "it's going to be a historic event" PR fluff)

Now this is something I'd love to see. The episodes where he was working with James Corden or with Donna's granddad were great, I loved the dynamic of him having a male assistant as it cut out all of the constant flirting and made it more about "We've got a job to do, let's do it in an awesome way!"
Given how prone the producers are into creating female companions that...aren't very different from each other, I think a male companion would shake up the dynamic quite a lot. Even though I don't think it was ever just those two alone, Jamie and the Second Doctor is my favorite combination of Doctor and companion. Even back then, it just felt so fresh, something that you didn't see terribly often and it made the show much more interesting to watch. They're just so much fun on screen together, which is probably why that's my favorite era of Doctor Who. (well that and the Third Doctor's era)
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