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Originally Posted by Ryoutarou View Post
Given how prone the producers are into creating female companions that...aren't very different from each other, I think a male companion would shake up the dynamic quite a lot. Even though I don't think it was ever just those two alone, Jamie and the Second Doctor is my favorite combination of Doctor and companion. Even back then, it just felt so fresh, something that you didn't see terribly often and it made the show much more interesting to watch. They're just so much fun on screen together, which is probably why that's my favorite era of Doctor Who. (well that and the Third Doctor's era)
Jamie and 2nd Doctor had good chemistry. I think the actors really got along so that probably has something to do with it. They're also one of my favorite pairings along with Jo and 3rd Doctor and Donna and 10th Doctor.

Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
I'm also worried that Clara will be much of the same again. She follows the same "strong female character" archetype that all the females have now (sassy, flirty, & occasionally kick-ass until the Doctor inevitably needs to save them) and while simply having a new actor in the midst is a breath of fresh air, I'm hoping she breaks away from that a little more and becomes a truly unique character so that we don't just have River 2.0.
This is what I'm worried about, too. I think River was a great character because she was first imaged when RTD was at the helm and the Moff was one of the writers. I think both of these guys have flaws, but that together they made something really good with her character and back story. Amy was initially a good character when she was the little girl who waited for the imaginary man from her childhood. I don't know what to make of her, but I'm kind of glad she's gone since I think her character ran out of steam a while ago. I hope the new companion is more like early Amy, or Donna. Amy's personal story was wrapped in the overall plot and that's something I think Moffat does well. And Donna could go toe-to-toe with the Doctor without being, essentially, a female version of the Doctor who could do anything, which is the feeling I get from this new companion.
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