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Originally Posted by DavidtheDeadPhilosopher View Post
I'm fairly impartial on River, but I will say this. If you watch Season 5 and 6 and then go back to The Season 4 2 parter The Silence in the Library/(I can't remember). That episode starts to carry far more weight.
Before I go ahead and do this, can I just ask if they made many references/etc to what happens in the future? I never really thought about going back and looking at her past appearances but that could be a bit of fun - I much preferred her in the older episodes though. I think they took it slightly too far with the whole marriage/Amy's daughter/etc thing. Complexity for the sake of being complex!

Originally Posted by DavidtheDeadPhilosopher View Post
Also, does anyone agree that Moffet just can't get the Daleks right? RTD might of overused them, but at least his episodes didn't constantly retcon an already well established history and lore.
On the contrary I think Moffat's doing pretty well with the Daleks! I never liked them at all with the previous writing since they just seemed so overused and they seemed to crop up everywhere, but I found the new tangents created by Moffat really interesting. I thought it was quite a lot more watchable than some of the previous ones, at least! I think I've just never liked the Daleks since they seem like such an A) Bland and B) Unlikely enemy to keep cropping up so frequently, it just ruins them a little for me. What direction would you like to see him take them in?
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