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I can't wait for Clara. Amy and Rory were excellent, but something about Clara is making me happy. Its partially her acting skills in Asylum(my god that mini skirt) and partially her preformance as Clara in the Christmas Special, and completely the new breath of fresh air for the series. Amy and Rory were too plot heavy, with them becoming as important as the doctor. I do realize that in the beginning the companions were indeed the focus, but with the later episodes being more about the doctor, the regression doesn't jive well with the show.
Not to mention River's a mess, and I still don't get much about here. If Angels was her final showing like people are speculating, I am severely disappointed, cause while her reveal was satisfying, nothing else about her is. BTW, I loved the twist for Angels in Manhattan. The way they broke the Angels feeding line was excellent, and I can't believe the ending was pulled off so brilliantly. The angels lost, the day is saved, but wait, no, NO! Man was that heart breaking.

And hell no, Moffat is easily the best writer for the Daleks. I love the new ones with the eyes in the stalks, and the Asylum was completely awesome. A Dalek junkyard? Sweet! Also, now that the Daleks are free from fearing the doctor again, they're gonna go notch 11 when it comes to insanity, mark my words.

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