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    Ok, I had to actually sit down and think a moment about this answer.

    When Moffet first reintroduces the Daleks into the series. He ends up creating a new, superior race. This race, noting the the previous to be inferior, destroyed the older, archaic Daleks on sight. These Daleks were to become the new "set-standard". However, as it turns out, I guess people didn't like their Daleks colour coded. So Stephen Moffet decided to retcon it in "Asylum of the Daleks". Where not only are there a massive return to the older style Daleks, there are only 1 or 2 of the supposed "new-breed". By Moffet's original plan, the "new" Daleks should have increased and they should have been systematicly destroying any of the older breed Daleks.

    Also I just find the core idea of a "parliament" and "Asylum" just so...dumb. I have my own reasons, and I don't really feel they hold up overall. I feel it's a certain brand of fan-service I can do without. The idea the Daleks contribute to some sort of democracy is just absurd considering all the past source material. Granted both the Supreme Dalek and Davros have been eliminated by the previous incarnation of The Doctor, but why a democracy? (Also I'm fairly certain the white one was a new "Supreme" model, because of the lower voice...could be wrong.) I just don't see where the Daleks would come up with that concept, especially if you take into consideration the fact that the new Dalek race was supposed to be wiping out any of the old regime.

    Keeping that in mind we come to the "Asylum" which all though is given an explanation (That the Daleks find it somehow beautiful). The Daleks of the past despised any sort of weakness and non-uniformity. I guess you just can't over think Science Fiction sometimes though. I mean I have the same problem with the "Angels" but I've learned to just swallow and except that there are going to be plot problems from a 50 year old material.

    I guess if you wanted a short answer I don't like how Stephen was going to go one direction with the Daleks then when he heard that his new Daleks weren't being well received he decided to retcon it to please fans, instead of staying the course and doing something with the new regime that he set up.

    Also, to answer your question Ozzy, Going back to watch The Silence of the Library is interesting because it's the only real time you see the situation placed on River and not The Doctor. It's the only time shown on screen where The Doctor has no idea who River is.
    It's also the true "last" appearance of River Song, as she dies at the end of the episode.
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