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Beta 1.4 has been released which doesn't have any major, dramatic changes to effect the gameplay but more focused on fixing any errors from the previous beta. This includes:
  • Revamped several boss team rosters
  • Fixed the glitch regarding Chikirota/Totodile
  • Fixed some of the OW sprite and text glitches
  • Edited a couple of moves; Dragonbreath now has an Attack Power of 80 and Meteor Mash now has an accuracy of 100%.
  • The woman outside of the Vermillion City Gym actually gives you the Light Ball as intended.

After quickly running through the game I can find no blatant errors that need fixing for the time being.

Originally Posted by BIGJRA View Post
Where's the download link? The mediafire goes to a generic page...
It should be there now, it was temporarily taken down as I was uploading the latest beta which is up now.
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