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Oh god, you’re fighting those underwater too, aren’t you. (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)
I've been fighting both under and over. You can replay the first mission where you meet Lagiacrus. Hopefully it is good for training but god that thing hits hard.

Honestly, underwater I can fight Royal Ludroth slow but otherwise fine, since he seems to allow for better prep time to land hits on him.

On land however that thing is a PITA: long run sequences that you can't really chase after if he's in a wide room (or he punishes you with Waterblight if you try), an annoying and very harmful roll attack, and the same bark&bite normal Ludroth do but comes out a lot faster. Oh and he calls for help and unlike with the Great Jaggi the smaller Ludroth do know how to work as a team.

Lagiacrus... is a different story. Underwater he's a PITA through and through. Has absurd reach and it is hard to hit without suffering a counter, has a near-instant pouch check, can Water Drill at good speeds and even through boulders and parts of the environment, and when enraged that Water Drill reaches from one end of the area to the other with about the same swift and speed I've seen Nergigante do in some gameplay videos. If he's enraged the strategy against him seems to be to flee or get carted trying.

Did I mention he can electrify large areas of water around him?

*chuckles* I'm in danger.

On land? He's basically a supersized Royal Ludroth with fewer attacks but more stamina and more judicious use of his toolset. He gains a shoulder press that even if you see coming, since he is like what, 30-35m long not counting the tail? You simply won't get enough distance in your roll to evade it. That and if you are too close he just like... flops on top of you and kills you with the sheer weight.

Still... they both make for awesome fights. The music does nothing but help. And at least for Lagiacrus, even if replaying Guts It's What's For Dinner does not advance the plot and does not actually get you anything useful except the pain of experience... I did kind of get the last laugh.

I got his tail. And in a successive run, some hide and a horn.

(Yes I know he regrows it later. I'm having my moment here ;_; )

Now five more and I can make a hat
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