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I think coming off G5, most (excluding Soulseer because psyduck Soulseer, seriously) EX deviants are a very long walk in the park. They're all on their own, after all, whilst the G5s pit you against multiple monsters at once and it is often chaotic. When multiple monsters appear on-screen I tend to panic and die a lot faster...especially in arenas where dung bombs won't get you anywhere, traps may or may not work, and smoke bombs are not as useful as they ought to be...or when it's two Glavenus.

Poor Lagiacrus...with underwater battles gone he lost most of his edge, I think. That might have been because underwater combat was so damned awkward though!

Speaking of underwater battles...does anyone else miss Gobul? Nibelsnarf just doesn't have the same weird appeal...

It's been a while since I played MHGU, although when my Daemon x Machina hori joycons come at the end of the month I might pick it up again to see how it is with what will basically feel like a proper controller...plus I still have to do a couple of EX deviants (Crystalbeard...) to do, many many hub quests of various ranks I couldn't be bothered to do, and more crowns than I care to contemplate to get...including Crystalbeard and Drilltusk, those two crowns being why I stopped playing the game in the first place. The hunts take too long solo, the chances are too small, and nobody wants to do those two online, and with good reason - they suck. xD
I actually agree. I like the challenge and the one-on-one test of skill for the first couple fights, but the EX hunts do get tedious after a while. The difficulty spike in damage / HP is fun and all, but it would be more so if new attacks or movesets were included so you have to learn something new. Also the rewards are pretty.. meh. Not the hunt rewards but getting the ability to transmog Deviant armors seems really lackluster imo. Ngl tho, Soulseer and Boltreaver were some of the most fun for me. So far, Silverwind and Hellblade have been the easiest, and Dreadking was the hardest.

You should pick it up again! I'll do the EX Deviants with ya. :D Actually, that reminds me that I have to basically *start* all of... every Deviant though, ahaa.. My completion list is not much different from where it was back in January.
Redhelm - stopped at G1
Snowbaron - stopped at VII
Stonefist - stopped at G1
Dreadqueen - complete
Drilltusk - stopped at III
Silverwind - stopped at IV
Crystalbeard - stopped at III
Deadeye - stopped at II
Dreadking - stopped at V
Thunderlord - never hunted
Grimclaw - never hunted
Hellblade - completed
Nightcloak - stopped at G2
Rustrazor - stopped at G2
Soulseer - stopped at G3
Boltreaver - stopped at G2
Elderfront - stopped at G2
Bloodbath - stopped at G3

fml :')
sorry for the double notif i edited the list since it was ever so slightly better than i initially posted