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    There's not much on ReBURST - but i get the general idea. Sixty-four squares is rather alike it, plotwise. The idea for 64 squares though, is that each human with a chess piece has two pokemon moves they can use. When they get together with another human who has a chess piece, the first of them can transform into pokemon form, while the second maintains the first's form. The pokemon is dependant on the two's moves.

    So the main three have:

    1: Razor wind, psychic.
    2: Psycho cut, detect
    3: Teleport, agility

    1 and 2 can come together and make absol
    1 and 3 can come together to make gardevoir
    2 and 3 can come together to make gallade.

    Two pokemon can be active at once - as long as one remains to maintain the other two's transformations.

    Thanks for replying. I'm still thinking them over - possibly i will combine a couple of them into one...
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