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Here's my last character, sorry it took awhile. I also changes some things on Lillian.

Name: Kyoya Heartfilia
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Goal : Pokemon Professor
Crest: Light
Personality: Kyoya is a young introvert who is closes himself off from others except his family and neighbor Shota.

Bio: Kyoya lives with his older sister, Lillian, and their parents. His life is similar to Lillian’s, except that he wants to be a Professor in the future, inspired by Professor Sycamore. Instead of going to school, Kyoya was homeschooled, so he didn’t get to meet his older sister’s tormenter much, but he would help her whenever she was at home. He was there on his older sister’s 7th birthday and saw everything, causing a deep resentment for said tormentor, so wherever Lillian would go, besides school he would go.

Fav. Color: Blue Gray
Choose Digimon: Chicomon & Dodomon
Choose Starter Pokemon(s): Gible & Litwick
Pokemon Ability: Rough Skin(Gible) & Flash Fire(Litwick)

I'm guessing it was only a minor change to Lillian, anyways I need you to choose a different color for Kyoya as there is already a type of Blue taken.