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I hope you can forgive me for my own absence. But seeing as how it's up to me and Evily, here is my character! (: Evily is creating her own as well as I type.

Name: Beatrix Holidays
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Crest: Hope
Bio: There is no dull day with this neon-haired lady at one's side. She is an active young woman who always keeps herself busy, unable to allow her time to be wasted. As a result she is considered rather uptight, far too ambitious, selfish at times, stubborn, arrogant, and dull. Yet she is also cever and open-minded, Beatrix is willing to go far and beyond to accomplish even the most mundane of goals. It is difficult to pinpoint her down, always on the move. However, she has neglected her emotions and can let them control her, an unfortunate trait when paired with her tendecy to take risks.
Favorite Color: Space Blue
Digimon: Botamon & Punimon
Pokemon: Oddish & Solosis
Pokemon Abilities: Chlorophyll & Magic Guard, respectively.
Pic: https://pin.it/mk3fm3w7gojqx7
Alrighty, I changed the color to gray and the minor change to Lillian was just her appearance.
Alright the Roleplay thread is in que for moderators to approve it, now we just have to wait for them to approve it so we can start roleplaying. I'll let you know when it has been approved.