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I was very afraid for this poor Turner and his family, during the fusillade I really thought it was over for them. It was close !
Ah, the suspense! I quite enjoyed showing how ruthless these guys are, even going as far as to try to murder the daughter.

The part where Pikachu was was creepy. Seriously, it scared me. Both Red and Pika are the exact contrary of how I could imagine them.
Ah, good 'ol "Drunkachu" xD Nothing worse than a little pet Pokemon that's had too much to drink :P Except maybe another Pokemon that appears in one of my previous stories that is truly terrifying...

That's what I do, take characters you think you know and present them in a whole different light. Especially if, like those two, they deserve to be knocked off their pedestal and brought back down to reality.

And I'm glad you introduced Sabrina I would have thought that she would have been in the bad-side, but it looks that she isn't, that's fine.
Nope, she's definitely on the side of good here. Her role's not a big one, but it's critical to the girls avoiding trouble later. And hey, she drives a pretty nice car, too xD

Thanks for reading, and I hope you're looking forward to the next chapter! Rest assured the final stretch from Saffron to Celadon will not be an easy one. But it will be packed with plenty of action ;)

Tobias is very thorough, isn't he? It was a nice save from Lisa and Leaf, by the way. Well-timed and creative. :P
He wants to make sure all his bases are covered... after all he doesn't want to give up the good life for prison life. And I'm trying to think of ways a Weedle could provide witness testimony... maybe it could crawl toward a photo of the gunman if pictures were laid out in front of it on a table xD

Lisa and Leaf: Always there when you need them xD

Haha, I liked this. Super hats of doom! I figured that such elaborate outfits only make it easier to hide a weapon or two... What else do these girls have up their sleeves?
Even in Pokemon fics, a little bit of James Bond trickery can go a long way. In this story, I don't think Lisa's dress has any more secrets besides the concealed gun holster (though in the last story she had a dress that doubled as body armor) but that car of hers might be hiding a thing or two :P

Oh dear. xP
Remember folks, Pokemon can become alcoholics just like humans can xD

I like how you included Sabrina in the play of things. I don't see too much of her in stories, so it's interesting how you handle her. Of course, being a Psychic type master, she would be able to resist the brainwashing-waves being sent out.
Thanks! I actually saw her as the perfect solution to a problem... where will the agents stay in town and still avoid thugs watching over every hotel. And (minor spoiler) it's also Sabrina's inherent psychic abilities that protected her in addition to her Pokemon... other Psychic type specialists haven't been so lucky...

Come to think of it, Leaf and company have to get rid of those, too.
Actually, they aren't being broadcast anymore. Once Tobias believed that everyone was under the influence of the waves, he was able to stop broadcasting. Once they alter the memory, it's permanent, and the waves don't need to be continually sent out. As Lorelei said in Chapter 1:
The signals obviously haven’t been broadcast for some time; otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.
Leaf also spent quite a bit of time training in both Kanto and Johto after the brainwashing, but it happened after the waves were stopped so her memories were left intact.

The personality you've given Sabrina is nice, too. She appears distant, but can still crack a joke.
I thought that was a cute little addition to lighten thingd up a little bit :P

I'm getting the feeling that they'll have to be making another move sometime soon.
They're in Saffron and their base is in Celadon... and the route between the cities is much longer than it appears in the game :P

Thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed this installment!

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