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    Name: Byrne Kennedy
    Gender: Male
    Physical Age: 21
    Actual Age: 140
    Appearance: Byrne has an athletic build, but this is almost unnoticeable because of two things; his height is rather unimpressive, being an unimposing five foot nine inches tall. If you couple that with his slumpy posture, his gymnast's figure is usually completely passed over. He has a bad case of babyface, with wide brown eyes and plump cheeks. If it weren't for a glaze of stubble over his chin, cheeks, and neck, his face could easily be mistaken for that of a small child's. His hair is short, and of an indistinct mousy brown colour. While on Earth, he wears something comfortable – usually a t-shirt made of a light fabric and a pair of jeans. If it's colder, he'll wear a hoody or a coat, but he doesn't really care on earth. Meanwhile, in limbo, he somewhat craves a life he couldn't have as a mortal on earth, often wearing fairly formal clothes reminiscent of the Victorian era.

    Personality: Byrne is laid-back, and carefree. The flipside of that, though, is his laziness, which seems to ooze out of every orifice. He resents having to work, and will avoid putting in a lot of effort into anything much at all costs. Along with effort and work, he generally steers clear from being frustrated, upset, or angry, and will drop anything at almost the slightest bit of resistance. That's when he can help it, anyway. He's not particularly strong-willed, and can be quite easily pressured or bullied. Apart from anything else, he's an amiable guy with a mischievous streak that likes to keep his cards close to his chest and avoids bad things.

    Weapon(s): Byrne carries a walking stick – he doesn't need it, but it's a good excuse to carry around a stick . If just hitting his target doesn't work, he'll light the end of it and use fire.

    Past Life: Byrne was born to an Irish mother as part of a travelling circus troupe in England in the late nineteenth century. This, naturally, was pretty much his world, and he was absorbed into it immediately from birth, beginning to pull his weight aged five. Here he learned basic gymnastics, but it was his stints as a fortune teller he particularly enjoyed, using fire to read information about guests and their futures.
    Despite his apparently cheeky and shirky attitude, this was a tough environment to grow up in, and Byrne was beaten throughout his entire mortal life, which hasn't left any permanent physical damage, but one imagines that his cowardliness and submissiveness stems back from being the resident punching bag.
    Needless to say, this was the only life he'd ever known, and, for Byrne, this was the norm. Also needless to mention is his surprise when the reapers came to make him one of their own because of his innate potential as a scry or soothsayer.

    Special Gifts/Talents: Having come from a circus background, Byrne has learned to do quite a few fancy flips and tricks, which are now even fancier with inate reaper abilities added on. More importantly, though, is his way with fire – he finds lighting fires with reaper magic incredibly easy and has had the ability to divine information from fire since he was even born. This information usually takes the form of seeing the future (a little), but can also be used to interpret peoples' intentions and desires. This, though, doesn't work on reapers. Since becoming a reaper, Byrne has also found that he can use his fires to locate important or lost souls.

    Any Other Info: Fire aside, Byrne is not very adept at magic at all, and finds it exhausts him very quickly. Because of his laziness, weak will and magical ineptitude, he has something of a reputation for being a bit of a joke.
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