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    Penance 'Madman' Malum

    Penance whistled as the other Goldies gathered around. Paladin was angrily shouting, the others were slowly getting out of the rubble, Zane had finally arrived, and Hanso was shouting at him via a link he just set up. Quite a lot to take in, but he could roll with it.

    Hanso, don't worry about that, Brynn should be on her way, keep a look out for her. With her being your sister you should have more of a drive NOT to die, right?

    He smirked at the Mienshao, though a attack from a certain anxious Salamance just caused the Golduck to sigh. He dug his icy blades into the ground and crossed his arms as Scar got out of the rubble. "Yes... you are more Scar." He said slowly. "You don't think we see what is going on, do you? I must admit, without the other psychics busy trying to figure out this mess I myself would have been lost. But in a way, it does make sense... well, now that one someone thinks about it You know, the gold crystal and how it can negatively affect the silver crystal, especially considering the being himself that is hiding in that crystal. Though you probably don't know how it's happening right? How DID you come from being a respectful Goldy to... well a Silver...ry? Sorry still thinking up a good name to call the Silver Tribe, hehe. Even better, let me ask, how did you even end up under his control? You know I don't refer to Auron here, I think deep down in your memories, you remember who is really in control, you just don't have enough willpower to want to fight back. You are more than happy to let him take control and dance around like a puppet. It does make sense in a way, he can be a puppet master. If it wasn't for what we saw when Deluge was freed, we wouldn't have understood. Yes, Deluge was freed, but he killed him."

    Penance paused there, "You know, you can be freed too. You spent more time with the crystal... so it'll be harder." He smirked, "But it can be done. The true you is in there somewhere, being held like Deluge was, and you'll be free soon enough. Thing is... this gold crystal will be more than enough to keep you safe. Scar... this goes one of two ways. You will be freed... or you will be killed. Depends on how much willpower you have. And if I know something." He winked. "I know that you have a urge to be as strong as you can be. Prove that strength Scar, break free."

    He uncrossed his arms and pulled out his two ice blades. "Now then, I would say be ready... but that would be against the point."

    Leon smirked, "Hehe, this ought to be good."

    Penance nodded, "Indeed. Are you ready Scar?" He asked.

    "Because we are." A deep voice called out. Around the Mienshao ported in various psychics who all began to shoot out powerful psychic attacks at the Mienshao's mind.

    "Zane, get in there!" Penance called out. "We are not losing this one!" He glanced at the fighter, "Don't fight it Scar! Goldies, if you see a black smoke DO NOT let it get close to Scar! Fight it off however you can!"