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Vera Fayos
"Loud and clear. There's a bit more to Sovereign than that though. I've been... keeping something from you. Varren... messed with Sovereign's memories. At least he claimed he was going to. He won't remember me." Vera was unnerved by this thought. Was it really so easy to forget your only friend? "The problem is, how do we bring out the monster?" Vera looked once again at the Furret on the ground. "He's being influenced by something. He's bloodthirsty right now. But he could have killed that Furret at any time. Instead he chose to wait for a fighter. He still remembers who he is, he is still in there. Maybe we can use that, try to make him remember me. The confusion in the midst of battle may be enough to bring it out." But what about Paladin? "How confident are you that Paladin can handle Sovereign?"