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    Penance 'Madman' Malum - Cape City

    Penance gritted his teeth as he saw the psychics doing all they could against the Mienshao, for now he was waiting to see that black cloud coming. Once it came at them, then, he would go and attack it with all his might, he hoped that the Goldies would do that same, but that was besides the point. They would have to pull all the stops to ensure the Mienshao survived. It was all a plan that was coming together one part at a time.

    The plan however, seemed to fall to pieces right as a black cloud sped down to Cape City. "Get ready! Do not let it reach him!" He shouted as he threw a Water Pulse at it. The cloud just easily dodged it and it was coming in fast! So fast that Penance already knew they were going to lose Scar. But it did at least bring down another Sentinel. They wouldn't have to waste time battling, but instead focusing on the other Sentinels now.

    What did strike him as odd though was Zane. It seemed the goldy also had a plan in motion, albeit a stupid one as he jumped right in front of the smoke and fell down seemingly in pain. "Get on Zane! Get ready and if he makes any moves take him down!" Shouted Penance.

    Leon was already in position and quickly moved toward the Bisharp. "Yeah, I know, he moves he gets his throat slit!" The dark type said with a smirk.

    Penance glanced back and forth between the goldy and the sentinel. Finally there was a break as the psychics cried out and reeled back and the Mienshao fell to the ground. Zane gasped as the smoke exited his body and Penance had to smirk. "Good, psychics secure the Mienshao, double check his mental state and apply healing where need be, Leon get the gold crystal and get it to him."

    The Weavile pulled off the crystal from the Bisharp's neck and proceeded to place it around Scar's. "There we go! Good as new!" He snickered.

    Penance made his way over to Zane. "Hm.. stupid, very stupid, but clever too. Psychics, get him out of here, follow procedure 8."

    The psychcis were too tired to port away, and instead supported the Mienshao and began to walk him out of the area.

    "Now... to find the others and get more out of the way." He muttered. "Goldies, you best go with the psychics, keep the Mienshao safe at all costs! No exceptions, the information he has is paramount to this war! Zane, get up, I know you can. You're with me. Reports are in, that Typhlosion is generating a lot of power, we have to stop him. This one will have to die."