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    Penance 'Madman' Malum - Cape City

    Penance frowned as he heard the explosion go off. Vigil of course raced off to the sound, no doubt because that was where the other goldies were supposed to be at. Penance however stood where he was and closed his eyes. He placed his hands to his temples and reached out to his network for some information. Yes, the explosion had killed some of the Affiliates, or at least that was suspected to be the cause when some of the Affiliates just disappeared out of the network. He began to give orders left and right and once he finished he cut off the communications for a moment to take a breather and he rubbed his forehead, taking in deep breaths to help him calm down.

    Leon slowly walked over, "Hey Penance, anything you need me to do?"

    The Golduck slowly nodded, "Well yes. Gather up a team and go over the various areas. The Ancients are dwindled enough so that they won't be a problem. Go and find the Affiliates' bodies and do a tally and record information. I want all of it when this assault ends, got it?"

    The Weavile smirked and winked, "Got it boss, I'll get it to ya early!" With that the Weavile rushed on off and Penance still stood there. He slowly reestablished connection with the network and headed out to the place where Vigil went and glanced about the area. There was fire, smoke, and charred buildings. Vigil was attending to Guardia and the Golduck put his hands on his hips.

    "Hm... this is a bad scene. Well, another goldy dead I imagine? Well, his death was second to capturing Scar Vigil. At least his death served a purpose this time instead of just dying because he was stupid right?"