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As far as I know this will be on White.

Team: Baltimore Ravens


Ray Lewis has his famous "Any dogs in the house" pep speech before every game. I feel like this sums it up nicely.


Starmie has high speed, and I feel like its spinny animation in B/W makes it cheery. It's also purple, woot!


Crows and Ravens are almost interchangeable. It's only natural Honchkrow gets this honor.


One of the biggest supporters of the Ravens is 98 rock, so I thought an electric pokemon would fit. I'm teaching Ampharos Echoed Voice and Swagger or Attract..


B-more is commonly stereotyped as being a "hoodlum" (to say the least). The fighting type also helps our hate for the Steelers (fighting>steel).


Besides being a support Pokemon, Musharna is pink, and the Ravens are huge supporters of breast cancer awareness, and especially this month!