Thread: [Spoilers] Who should Marry Ash Ketchum?
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    Originally Posted by KorpiklaaniVodka v2.0 View Post
    ughhh... this one is hard to answer.

    My favourites are Dawn and Serena because I feel like they have the best synergy with Ash's personality, with May being a close 3rd. Not to say Iris, Misty and the three girls from Alola don't work well with Ash, though.

    However, I don't see the producers actually giving us such a timeskip where Ash will grow up and have kids. Though I'd like to see Ash's kid in action, with only his father being revealed (just like Ash's father is unknown, and in this case it's Ash's kid's mother who is unknown) - that will keep the shipping wars going xD

    And also, shoutout to the Ash x Serena fanbase for being one of the worst shipping fandoms on the planet.
    While I agree that the shipping wars can be toxic, a rule I try to live by is to not generalize a group of people because of collateral damage. I'm an Amourshipper and yet I respect those who ship Ash with whomever(heck even with Bayleef, although that's not the most disturbing one around frankly). Now having said that, I agree with ya that they'll never answer this question, much less reveal who Ash's father happens to be. Heck who are Gary's parents, Dawn's Father, Iris' parents, Serena's Father and the list goes on and on.
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