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    How to optimize your performance on Desume 0.9.6 x86:

    My system specs:
    2GB Ram
    70GB HDD (literally 7 years old)
    2.8 GHz Dual Core Processor
    Nvidia 8400 GS video card (Not that good, only costs 30 bucks)

    Obviously I don't have a great computer, which is why I think this is a good thing to post.

    My Desume settings:
    3D Setting - Soft Rasterizer
    Sounds - Dual SPU; no interpolations
    Emulations - Uncheck all, even advanced bus-level timing
    Frame Rate - Check Limit, uncheck auto-minimize skip frame, and set the settings to whatever you feel necassary (I have it at 1)

    If your computer has similar specs and your game is not running well, get DPC Latency Checker V1.2.0. It will show your CPU performance and tell you if you have bad/outdated drivers.

    -- Disable Superfetch. It will free up some memory. But, DPC Latency Checker will always say that you have driver issues when you do this.

    If it still runs bad, take a thing of canned air and spray the dust out of your computer (this took away all lag for me.)

    It doesn't run at 100% speed, it runs near perfect. But with the Frame Skip Rate set at 1, it appears to run perfectly.

    If yours still runs bad, it sucks for you.
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