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    1) Spearow/Fearow or Pidgey/Pideotto/Pidgeot? Why?
    2) Which generation had the best Flying-Types?
    3) Who's your favourite Flying-type Gym Leader: Falkner, Winona or Skyla? Why? If they had to battle each other, who would be the best?
    4) Which of the starter bird lines is your favourite and why?

    5) Did anyone else notice that the size of Birds like Pidgeot and Fearow vary dramatically between the games and anime? Like in Colosseum, I had both of those and they were like half my height but in the anime (from what I remember of it) These birds could swoop down and pick up Ash easily. Thoughts?
    6) Your best and worst experiences with Birds in battle, both metagame and competitive?
    7) Which Flying-type has the best shiny sprite?

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