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Who's your favourite Flying-type Gym Leader: Falkner, Winona or Skyla?

The answer to this one is pretty clear :p For me it's definitely Falkner, mostly because he's the only Flying type gym leader I really recall battling, and in my early days, having trouble with. I've played the third generation games, but I had honestly forgotten all about Winona when I replayed the games a little while ago, and I didn't think there actually were any other Flying type trainers than Falkner and Skyla. Skyla I can't say much about though, since I've never played B/W, and her character in the anime didn't really help her in the case, so it's definitely not her. It all goes down to Falkner anyway, as the second generation games were my favourite, I've always loved Falkner due to BIIIIIRDS, and he's a pretty cool gym leader in general.
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