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Some actual chapter thougths for once;
So according to funky dude, shinigami are given an "empty" zanpakuto when they enter the whole thing. That just leaves me confused as to how Ichigo developed a giant zanpakutou of his own independently, within seconds of getting his powers. I guess the only plausible explanation would have something to do with Rukia's reiatsu creating it for him or something. Of course nothing in Bleach makes sense if you think too much about it anyway, haha.

I guess the same would apply to any being in Bleach that has a zanpakuto they can't have gotten from SS. Like the arrancar, for example. Or do they just find random katanas in the desert and imbue them with their powers?

Anyway, the whole idea of zanpakutos having to be made by this dude throws a lot of things in Bleach upside down.

But oh well, we'll get the Zaraki-Unohana fight! <3
Wait, when Kubo said he had something special in mind for Yachiru, what if he actually meant Unohana? That'd be sneaky, hahaha.