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    Originally Posted by trickser View Post
    Finally found my fault i didnt have HM8, where do i get it ?:)
    You can get it in Bronze Port after the event in Mirage Base,and I believe that you've finished it but you used FLY immediately as you get out from the Mirage Base,now just get back to Bronze Port,walk to the door of Mirage Base,someone will appear and give you it.

    Originally Posted by Gold011 View Post
    may play this hack again, but before i (possibly) do so, i need to know, if riolu and lucario are on this hack
    Yes,you can get a Riolu from someone in Bronze Port.

    Originally Posted by purple_gorrila View Post
    I'm at the stage where you are trying to find the Dark Worker keys for Uranium. I found the first one in Redwood, but I can't find the others anywhere else. I've searched everywhere! Where are they found?
    I can just tell you that you can find him in a corner of a wide land the second time,and you can find him in a road of water the third time,then you can find him in a city the fourth time.
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