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    Originally Posted by zerokid View Post
    It's scripted that way as a sort of tribute to Pokémon Yellow. But in that game, you exit the elevator from the north side so I had to work around it. I never really thought about it, but I'll justify by saying they can hear it coming up ;)

    Edit: Incidentally, did you manage to find any Gen 3 Rocket sprites?
    I know what Yellow did for that sequence, that was why what happened threw me off. But I guess I can work with your logic there.

    and no, I hadnt found a third gen jessie and james sprite sheet which is odd as almost every game that uses them as characters had used custom 3rd gen jessie and james'd think there'd be one on google images all things considered. The closest I came was a 5th gen sprite sheet which would look wierd compared to the other overworld sprites.

    EDIT: Wait! I found a decent set! Finally! It doesnt look third gen quality, they look 4th gen which may look out of place right now but it oughta be perfect when you update all sprites and maps in future updates after you get back from vacation. The battle sprites arent very good, though. The battle sprites you are currently using look good but the overworld sprites shown here look great to use. The sprites were made by this user on deviantart: He says no credit or permission needed but its worth mentioning anyway. He appears to have loads of other sprites you might be able to use for future updates too.
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