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    Originally Posted by Alana
    I'd be glad to help out with this if I can. ^_^ Can I be an assistant Randall? I have some tips as well.
    Sure you can!

    Originally Posted by ~*Strider*~
    Blah sorry for not answering your PM's dude..only now getting aroud to um XD...anyways, this is all fine and dandy and what not, but this will be better off in the RPG Lounge :/


    Anyways, we have an idea discussion thread and a general discussion thread, but no help thread, so this is all good, dude.

    Anyways, I would say anyone can help anyone in anyway, we don't want you to get bombarded by members requesting help so...all RPGers are up for grabs! XD

    Anyways, awesome dude ^_-

    *Gets her pins*

    YEAH it got stickied! I feel special yay!!! And those who want to help can I see an RP sample...Alana I know you cna RP but everyone else PM me please!

    Originally Posted by GodofPH
    Since this is a help thread, I have to ask tis question: Whats wrong with my RPs? I've posted 2 RPs that friends of mine said were good, but they have gottne little or no response. Can somebody give me somes tips on improving my RPs? I'd really need to know what I'm doing wrong, so I can iron those problems out when I write up a special RP that I hope to post in the future.
    Send the links to me and I will check them out!
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