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Relation to Canada: Very much Canadian in background (part-Métis, a little ways back!). Born in Toronto, lived in Edmonton from ages 2-6, Vancouver at 7 (we brought the snow from Edmonton with us... Vancouver got its largest record snowfall in like 40 years the one year we were there lmao), Halifax from 8-12, Toronto from 13-18, and I've mostly lived in Waterloo, ON from age 19 on.
Favorite Province: I really love living in Ontario, but I think my favourite province was Nova Scotia. It was so beautiful. Haven't been back there in years though. :(

Thanksgiving at my house last week was great. <3 We had lobster one night since we've done that every year since we moved to Nova Scotia and on Thanksgiving Monday we had an early lunch of cornish hens which are kind of like individual turkeys. Wish we'd had it later but my brother had to catch his flight back to Ottawa. I don't really do big meals early in the day so I kind of missed out on a lot of it because I was full so quickly. :'(
Originally Posted by Kura View Post
Who here has ever tried proper poutine or montreal smoked ham sandwich?

I like the former (who doesnt like fries, cheese, and gravy) but the latter can be a bit spicy because they always put peppercorn sauce on the outside when I try it!
I... actually don't like either of those! I'm not a fan of cheese which is why poutine is almost always a miss for me (although occasionally I'm good with it). Also don't like ham or smoked foods so... ;_;

My favourite Canadian foods are usually just treats and candy. Like butter tarts or Beavertails or nanaimo bars, etc. Or frozen maple syrup candy, although I'm not actually a fan of maple syrup normally? /bad Canadian
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