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    Quadposting? What is this! I'm not sure if it's against the rules is what it is, but I digress. I'm making a quick update to the thread to show that I'm not dead yet and neither is the project.

    Demo 2 is trucking along at a decent pace. All the content in it is almost done. I have just a few more trainers that need to be placed, and the conclusion of Demo 2. After that, it’s bug testing. Demo 2 will go up to a bit past Vermilion City. There will be some noticeable changes, as well as some. new features and things which are from other games.

    I’m going to aim to have Demo 2 out sometime before the end of May, and I’d hope to have it out before the end of April. To be honest, if I worked diligently enough for the remainder of today, I could finish off all the stuff needed and be in bug-test mode by nightfall, and presumably have the demo out by the 15th, but it’s unlikely that this’ll happen. But hey, if it does, that’s cool beans bro! Till the release, see you next time folks!
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