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    Originally Posted by Varion View Post
    C-C-C-Combo Breaking your Quad posting!

    I like this. It's good to see Touhoumon no longer restricted to emulation.

    Loving every bit of ti just playing through it, my only query is, if Puppets came along and wiped out all wild pokemon, what happened to the ones caught by trainers?
    thank you for stopping my post chain i was getting worried there for a moment

    Anyways, The Puppets/Touhoumon didn't eradicate the Pokemon Species. While it doesn't happen in the game, within this incarnation of the Pokemon World, Pokemon and Puppets eventually end up existing side-by-side. As of present, a lot of them are in hiding, or at the Pokemon Preservation on the Kikoto continent (The Kikoto Continent is something I don't want to go into on here, so if you have further questions about concepts of the game like this, feel free to direct them at this link).
    As for ones captured by trainers, a lot of them don't battle much with Pokemon anymore, mostly out of fear. There are some trainers that still do, however. I have it planned that, once you enter Johto in the game's plot, Pokemon start showing up more frequently. in fact, the first appearance of one is in the planned rival battle with Red, who uses his Pikachu, alongside a trained team of puppets.
    I'll restate it, Pokemon were not "wiped out" by the puppets, merely driven into hiding.
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