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    Errr... the jackass/cocky/over-confident rival turned into our lover? (Wut?) If Game Freak really did that to the rival then...they're trolls. Seriously, trolls.
    Anyways to get the thread back on topic (without starting some shipping/fan fiction) I think Mr.Le Jackass Mr.Rival will be over-protective of his sister (like Bianca's dad protectiveness) and he'll apparently have this idea that whatever he does is for the good of his sister and the Protagonist is just in the way.
    Or we could screw that idea and say Mr.Protagonist got spicy with his sister... heh, heh, heh... heh. And the rivalry is just some sort of revenge...
    Wait, just how old is his sister? 'Cause then a younger bro protecting his older sis just seems a bit too cute, for me. Actually it still seems cute either way...
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