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Originally Posted by FaWa View Post
****ing Ferrothorn
I might make a team of all Ferrothorn counters so that I'll lose, but I least I killed Ferrothorn

also lol at the poster a few above. If any weather had a huge effect on the game, it would be sandstorm over anything else easily. Sun teams are still messes, and Drizzle-Swift Swim (Which was Broken, I'll give you that) is banned.
Rofl Ferrothorn. I wouldn't lol at Pokedra post since it actually portrays some knowledge of competitive Pokemon unlike the one you just made. How is Ferrothorn even broken? It's easily trapped, Taunted and forced out, it definitely has utility as a catch-all wall and spiker for offensive teams but no way in hell is it banworthy lol. I honestly don't know how sandstorm is even broken, even during the excadrill meta it was only roughly on the same wavelength as Sun and Rain. I mean all it gives now is a defense against other weather, an SpD boost to TTar and Terrakion and sand rush boost to CB Dog. Sounds like ur team got eaten by a cb dog lol xD.

I don't even get what 'still messes' means. Sun teams are extremely prevalent in the metagame and there are a plethora of sweepers that work well on them: Lilligant Darmanitan Volcarona Venusaur Sawsbuck and if you search smogon theres a ton of sun teams that have achieved considerable success in addition to having a solid foundation and objective for victory. The prominence of sun teams is one reason you see SpD Heatran or Latias on every semi stall team lol. So sun teams definitely arent a mess lmao no idea where you even got that from.

Youre obviously bad or havent played since R2 if you think aldarons proposal nerfed rain. Rain is still a force in the metagame and among the most prevalent ones. P sure this is all the proof you need

so yeah dont insult users who know a mukton more than you do about the metagame lol

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