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    Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
    Regarding levels and stuff. When we reach a gym leader, we can do levels two ways.
    1) I assign levels to the leader's pokémon (this goes for other important NPCs too, btw) and if your pokémon are too low leveled, you'll have to write posts in the previous chapters (or the city chapter, of course) until you're strong enough to face the leader. This way, we could assure that players have reached at least around the same levels before we continue.

    2) I don't assign levels to gym leader's and NPC's pokémon. I let you do like with your rival's pokémon and determine how strong/weak they are yourselves, only providing the species and movesets. This way you could challenge a leader at any time and levels won't be important for your progress through the chapters - only as a measure of when your pokémon will learn moves and evolve. A sort of tool for measuring your personal progress in the RP, rather than making sure you all keep the same pace through the chapters.
    Which alternative do you like the best?
    I personally prefer 1, but that one might put too much pressure on those who don't have the ability to post as often but still churn out solid posts when they do. I do think, however, that Gym Leader battles should have a higher bar to tackle since they're not just another trainer, but a powerful, league-certified trainer who issues badges that grant access to the league tournament. I'm not sure how this could be done, but it seems it would be too easy to just let players swoop in and take the badge. Perhaps some sort of measure that will determine if the player is allowed to defeat the gym leader that go-around?

    Though it still would be neat to have levels play a roll in how battles should turn out when they're GM created NPCs.

    By the way, post quality aside, do you determine Pokemon level based on which of our Pokemon are in a battle or event?
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