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    Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
    I should certainly hope so. It's the same when you play the real games, is it not? When I soloed Yellow version with only Pikachu, it's level was crazy high, compared to when I played the game with a team of at least six. And, in the beginning when pokémon don't know many good moves, you want them to level up quite fast, to gain an acceptable moveset and possibly evolve. But later on, that won't feel as critical as now. Wouldn't you agree?
    Yeah. I sort of doubt I'll have too many Pokemon early on, but I do want to get Vuowth to learn leaf blade ASAP as well. XD

    Other than that though I'll probably focus more on other Pokemon when I get them, as by then the major story development between Zoey and Vuowth ought to be over and I can get other Pokemon caught up to relatively equal strength. Beyond leaf blade, there aren't any real super moves left for Vuowth to learn outside of move tutors and TMs.

    Speaking of which, when we get TMs, will we have to learn them immediately or do we hold onto them, and will they work like they do in 5th gen. or will they be gone after the first use?
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