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    Hanso SharpEye

    Hanso, don't worry about that, Brynn should be on her way, keep a look out for her. With her being your sister you should have more of a drive NOT to die, right?

    What. Dang right, Hanso thought to himself. "We'll need to talk sometime," he replied calmly, though in a neutral tone, before partially closing his side of the channel.

    "I am positive that is the intruder from earlier. He can fly, but is clearly a Ground Pokemon. is he one of yours?"

    The Gallade nodded. "Yes, Paladin of the Gold Tribe." How easy it was, at the moment, to continue acting like he was still of the Gold Tribe himself. How long, though, before Hanso decided which way he'd turn? He added, "And keep an eye out for a Gardevoir. Not Genevieve, one who likely won't be standing. Same height as me, mirror eyes. Chances are, she'll teleport in anyway, once she locates us." At the same time, Hanso was feeling more like the Blaziken could be a confidant.

    "Hello, brother. Trouble, as usual?"

    "Ya think? This'll be tougher than usual." As they spoke, Hanso set up a telepathic network to connect himself, Brynn, and Vera, then relayed images of his surroundings to his sister. "Tyranitar, with Dragon Blood and two alter-egos of sorts. One is some sort of prisoner who's had ten years inside Sovereign, and the other brings out his Outrage monster. You're hearing this, Vera, right?" The Gallade could feel Brynn already updating the network and its defenses to her higher standards.