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    Hanso SharpEye
    Into the Dark Unknowing


    Things just escalated a little, in the sense that the trio had even less time now. They couldn't stay in the Sandstorm forever. "Be the anchor?" Hanso asked Brynn, shielding his eyes with one arm while trying to see through the whipping sand.

    "I'm almost tempted to make you do it so you can brush up on your skills."

    "For something as serious as this, we need the one who's better at it." Looking at the building Brynn sat against, Hanso wondered if this was the safest place. "No place real safe at the moment in any case." Then the ground began shaking, and Hanso quickly picked Brynn up and teleported a short distance away. The wall shuddered and crumbled, crushing the area where the two Pokemon had been moments before. Hanso had to set his sister back down, though he wondered if the battle of titans would crush them anyway.

    "STOP!" Everything subsided at the call of a lone Blaziiken, standing over the beat up body of the Furret Sovereign had held hostage before. She looked beat up herself, and was barely standing.

    "Sovereign," the Blaziken said weakly, "you have to remember."

    "Who are you!?" Sovereign screamed as he gripped his head tightly.

    The shaking became more violent as the sky, in all directions, across the whole city, turned pitch black. The dark energy whipped about the area, striking buildings and destroying structures that still had integrity.

    DO IT NOW!

    Agreed on what they would do, Hanso and Brynn struck at Sovereign's mind, including Vera in their attack on the Tyranitar. Hopefully, they could stop him before it all passed the point of no return.