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    Penance 'Madman' Malum

    Penance didn't smirk, nor did he flinch when the Bisharp reached out to grab him. Penance raised his gaze to meet Zane's and just quietly stared at the enraged Bisharp. For a moment, it seemed he would strike at the Golduck, but Penance saw him restrain himself. Yes... that would be just like Zane. So calm and restrained. The Golduck wondered just how much he would have to push to see the rage all goldies buried deep underneath, under their cool exterior. As the Bisharp walked away Penance just looked at him. He closed his eyes slowly, "But remember the words in that oath Zane..." He said softly to himself.

    The Golduck let out a tense sigh and felt the voices in his network shouting out various things. Though one thing did perk up his attention. A Sableye and Jolteon... interesting. He crossed his arms, thinking about it. He knew what to do for those two, it would be quite simple actually. A bit of leading here and there.

    Send some Affiliates there, keep them out of range. A mindless animal always follows bait...

    Yes, animals these Sentinels were. And animals, once caught, could be easily tamed...