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    Penance 'Madman' Malum

    Penance frowned as more reports came in. Death here, other stuff here, complications there. It didn't help that the Alpha Alliance army really wasn't that organized. They could be, but with just two generals in control it was more along 'troops generally search in this area in no particular pattern'. It was sure to cause confusion among the troops and then there was the fact that the ambushes that had already been set up by the Affiliates quickly had to be reworked or traps quickly disabled so that they wouldn't blow up at the wrong time. It was why he made sure to know where everyone was at every single second. Not knowing the exact details of plans would cause chaos, and there was no need to have chaos now.

    They were so close, already another two Sentinels were down, with the possibility of capturing another or better yet killing another. So far two were separated from their allies, still weary and in fact he could kill them now while they still go their bearings... on the other hand there was some sort of Tyranitar rampaging around that was black apparently. He had to ask again for confirmation on that information and his mind began to work once more. Yes... they could do this.

    Send in two of the psychics. Yes I know they are weary. Send them to that Sableye and Jolteon. No, the others have the Tyranitar under control, I trust Brynn. Now send them out. Yes, their mission will be to keep those two occupied. Keep them away from the goldies until they are done with the Tyranitar. Yeah... I know, just do it.

    Penance closed his eyes yet again and thought. The present didn't only matter now, but also the future, and he was sure about one thing. He was not going to let some desperate generals kill off his Affiliates!


    The Kirlia and Grumpig appeared out of thin air behind a building and the Kirlie peeked around to see the Sableye and Jolteon. "We keep them occupied. Let's do this." The Kirlia stated as he readied a Psychic attack and threw it right at the Jolteon. The Grumpig dashed out and used his psychic to grab rubble and throw it toward the Sableye.

    "Hey Sentinels, show us what you got!" The Grumpig shouted out as she threw more rocks at them.