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    O yehwell thatsyore proplem getit got good. Igot my shineyslike forlast 8yrs and if u don belive me ur just jellous. And Rsgh5ghejgha or watever ur not my frend ennymore so get gotit good. Im only 10but Im smrter tan u so be smartshuko kay bye. Guess watI got shiny missigN0 an u cant see itcuz yore to meen. Nowur sorry yep kaybye.

    XD This is harder than I thought it'd be! Although I can't help feeling kind of mean making fun of a 10 year old like this... 9_9

    Still no shinies. I'm pretty proud of my plain ol' heracross, tho. I bred 'im for false swipe (and dig) and traded him to emerald as soon as I got to the first pokecenter, so he's my lead Pogey whenever I'm out in the wild. :D I'll be ready if I run into any shinies!
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