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    Originally Posted by Abnegation View Post
    Just gonna leave these here~

    Some small errors I'm already aware of and fixing :]
    leik if u cried at seeing PR again
    Damn, these maps are just so beautiful!

    Originally Posted by Musketeer View Post
    And how long does it take for Game Freak to launch an official title? Even with a full team of people, it takes them a few months, even a year or so. It's not surprising that this game hasn't been released yet.

    You must also take into consideration that Abnegation and his team have lives to fulfill. He is doing this as a hobby, not as a profession.
    Well I'm not complaining.
    Seeing all these amazing images allrdy makes the wait worth it.
    Hell, even if it took another 3 years, I still wouldn't complain! I rather see a fully completed and perfect product, then a half finished one.